Tournament Signup
...of the stresses from the day. Grab your clubs and your favorite people and escape into the beauty of our course. Or, refine your craft using our professional practice facilities. Whether it’s time for training or disappearing, we have just what you need to let go of whatever happened before tee time.

If you have any golf milestones such as holes-in-one, first time breaking 100-90-80, making your first birdie, eagle or breaking par, tournament wins/high place finishes in outside events or shooting your age; anything at all golf related, we would like to post for all to see. Drop us an email or contact the golf shop with the information and we will get it online.

With the arrival of Spring we will being moving back to the grass area of the driving very soon. We will be topdressing the range to aid with filling in the divots from the Winter. This process will also help with the growth of the Bermuda grass to insure that we have total coverage for the Spring and Summer months. Please help with this process by filling your divots after your practice session.

When practicing, please try to keep you divots contained to as small an area as possible. By doing this, the grass will fill back in much quicker. A good way to do this is to start toward the front of the station you are hitting in and work your way backwards. Place the ball on the grass at the back of the divot from your previous shot, and continue the process as you practice. This will leave a thin strip to fill with sand and will give us more unused area to move the hitting stations into. This will make a big difference as we get later in the year. Play well!

Special Notification: With our Bermuda grass fairways starting to grow in for the season it is still vital that fill all divots as we play. This will ensure that our fairways are in top condition for the rest of the year. This also helps to prevent weeds from growing in the divots.

We will make every effort to allow carts on the fairways as much as possible during the Spring and Summer. The final call on cart path only is made by our golf course superintendent. If he deems that it is too wet to allow carts on the fairways he is doing it with the best interest of the club in mind. If we ride on the fairways when they are wet, we leave tracks that may not heal and will leave ruts in the fairways. Please understand that we want to allow carts on the fairways as much as possible, as this helps with revenue and promotes rounds, but we will not allow it if it is going to have a negative impact on the course. Thank you for understanding and working with us on this matter.

Click here to post scores from home.

We now have push carts for rent through the golf shop. The rental fee is $8 for 18 holes or $5 for 9 holes. Check with the Golf Shop staff to rent one today.

Pine Island will host a Guest Day on the 3rd Friday of each month. The member may bring up to three guests and the guest will only be charged $45. Guests must be accompanied by the member. A guest may play up to four times at this rate.

Make plans to bring out your friends, co-workers and neighbors for this great deal!

Pine Island is fortunate to work with several clubs in the area to offer our members access to other clubs at special rates. While all golfers like to play various courses the primary purpose of these reciprocal arrangements is to give members options when their home course is hosting an outside/non-member outing/tournament, the course is undergoing maintenance issues (aerifying greens, changing-over or rebuilding greens, etc.) or play on the home course is restricted due to a club event (member-guest for example).

Click here to see applicable clubs and the full details.


  • Cart Fees:
    18 holes - $21 • 9 holes - $13 • 5 holes - $6
  • Accompanied Guest Fee: $63
    ($42 fee plus current cart fee)
  • Unaccompanied Guest Fee: $71
    ($50 fee plus current cart fee)
  • Immediate Family Guest Fee*: $46
    ($25 green fee plus current cart fee)
  • Junior Guest Fee*: $25, cart fee additional


  • Cart Fees:
    18 holes - $21 • 9 holes - $13 • 5 holes - $6
  • Accompanied Guest Fee: $77
    ($56 fee plus current cart fee)
  • Unaccompanied Guest Fee: $87
    ($66 fee plus current cart fee)
  • Immediate Family Guest Fee*: $46
    ($25 green fee plus current cart fee)
  • Junior Guest Fee*: $25, cart fee additional

*An immediate family member is considered to be the member or spouse's mother, father, brothers or sisters, children and grandparents. Aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews or cousins are not included. A junior guest is eligible for the special junior rate if they are under the age of 18.

All guests must pay cart fee whether they walk or ride, replay rate is cart fee.

After a thorough discussion by the Advisory Board the following policy has been put into effect in regards to walking when playing golf at Pine Island Country Club. Our walking policy revolves around the two time changes during the year. After the first time change in the spring walking on weekends and holidays will be allowed after 2pm and after the time change in the fall walking is allowed after 1pm. Walking is allowed before 2pm and 1pm by paying the 18 hole cart fee of $21 and the following options are available.

  1. The player may choose to ride a golf cart for all or part of the round.
  2. The player may choose to walk all or part of their round.

Players A,B,C & D have reserved a tee time at 11:40 am on Saturday morning. All players are required to pay a $21 cart fee. Players A & B choose to ride a cart for all 18 holes, player C chooses to walk the front nine and ride the back nine and player D chooses to walk the entire round. All players have now been afforded the opportunity to enjoy an 18 hole round of golf to their liking. This same policy will also apply to our winter time 10am shotgun start. If someone chooses to participate in the shotgun start they will be required to pay a $21 cart fee but can opt to walk the course. Please understand that any tee time prior to the established walking time will require an 18 hole cart fee of $21 and the player can opt to walk the course at any time, ride part of the round or ride all of the round. Currently walking on weekdays is permitted at any time.